About Us

We are the creators of the Island Adam Perfect Pitcher Mojito Kit. Our mission is to build a lifestyle brand that offers products that help make every day a vacation.

Two brothers and a best friend came together to form Island Adam LLC in 2016, but the story starts years before that.  Our annual Mojito Party was spent in the kitchen making mojitos a glass at a time until we dedicated ourselves to scaling up our crowd-pleasing recipe to pitcher size so we could enjoy the party with our guests.  It took a year but we assembled the right tools and found the right recipe.  Even after that we spent many Sunday Fundays, pool parties, beach vacations, Bar-B-Que's, and general hanging out with refreshing mojitos before we realized we needed to share the fun, and our Perfect Pitcher Mojito Kits, with the world: it was the first day of a week long beach vacation and I was asked to make a pitcher of mojitos, and I said out loud, "We should be selling these things!"

That day Island Adam was born.

Make Every Day a Vacation